about us

Buggy Bank, LLC a flat fee Community Auto Display Service open 9-6 everyday except Tuesdays. It is located at 2821 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California 94705. It has a secure fenced lot with room for approximately 70 vehicles.

Buggy Bank is a limited liability company regulated by the State of California Vehicle Code # 12101-12104 and operates strictly as a "Private Party Vehicle Markets" display service. All sales records are published as a public record and sold vehicles are available for review inside our office and here on our internet site.

Buggy Bank LLC is NOT A DEALERSHIP. Our service is unique in that we do not own an inventory of our own vehicles nor do we employ sales people to directly represent the displayed private party vehicles. Furthermore, outside "sales people" selling for profit are not allowed to operate here or to contact or solicit our customers. When alerted we intervene on behalf of our customers to insist upon fair and reasonable negotiation practices.

Ironically cars sell quicker because there are no sales people to get in the way of buyers making up their own minds without the distractions. This is not a parking lot. Vehicles in obvious poor condition or too high priced to sell are not allowed here. We will allow it if they are willing to repair it and price it to sell.

Buggy Bank is a professionally run environment for private individuals to sell their own cars and trucks to eachother. Our staff is made up of administrative, customer service and sales advisory personel. We are not the "sellers", but we advise our private party owners with the factors that can influence the ability of their vehicle to sell.

We educate and assist private individual sellers with statistical data and with considerations affecting the presentation and promotion of their vehicle initially and throughout the contract period.

We qualify, monitor and control test drives and the vehicle diagnostics at local garages of potential buyers. Vehicles are assessed and local private party market values determined upon intake. Values are usually a few thousand dollars less than dealership vehicles.

We are not advertised in the yellow pages or in any periodicals or newspapers. Buggy Bank has traditionally been a "word-of-mouth" business with no formal advertising other than the web listings for buyer's, recently sold vehicles and explanations of our services.

Buggy Bank offers a much different experience from that of the typical used car lot. It has a family open-air marketplace atmosphere. We consider ourselves to be a "privately owned public service" that serves the community and helps to reduce the number of cars for sale cluttering up our community streets.

We enjoy and take pride in providing the full service, the sales and marketing advice, the atmosphere, and the meeting place that people now highly recommend as one of the best and most refreshing alternatives for buying and selling used cars. We concentrate on maintaining this high reputation by encouraging open and honest business practices and transactions between buyers and sellers.

sellers frequently asked questions

What does it cost to sell my car at Buggy Bank?

The total cost is normally $410 without any discount. This includes the setup fee of $100 plus an initial contract fee of $295 for the first 4 weeks. Also there is a $15 charge to qualify your vehicle by checking it's title history. You may elect to defer payment of the initial contract fee. If deferred, all fees and other charges due must be paid anytime you take your car off the lot. You will get a 1-week bonus upon sign-in if you pay all fees up front. 90% of the vehicles we list do sell within the initial contract period. if yours does not, or your car is removed, we will continue to advertise for you at no charge until your car is sold.

What services am I paying for?

1. Preparation of your car's ad and photo on our website
2. Coverage - Our website attracts thousands of buyers from a wide geographical area
3. Display of your car to the hundreds of prospective buyers that come to our lot every day
4. Vehicle market analysis with local sales data to effectively price your car for a sale
5. Experienced and friendly staff to assist with the info you need to stay on track for a sale
6. Secure procedures for your vehicleís inspections, test drives or mechanics checks
7. Twice weekly car wash service

Does what I pay include the internet advertising?

No. The actual display of your car's ad and photo on our Internet website is usually but not always available, cannot be garanteed, and therefore is free. We also have no control over or are affiliated with other internet advertising or listing services.

Can you help me post my car with other Internet services?

As a courtesy, we will do whatever we can to assist you on any site we are familiar with. We provide you with a "free web hosting page" that contains a picture of your vehicle and its descriptive information along with your advertising. You can then copy and paste the title (basic description), the included, the extras and your own advertising into the posting screen which can include the following link: To see a photo, my most recent price or to test drive click on [] where "nnnnn" is your contract number. Your responsibility will be to post and publish this information. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

What attracts people to the Buggy Bank Internet site?

Our main Buggy Bank web site is now getting around 1,000 visits from individual internet browsers per day. The "hits" are 20,000 or so on the average daily. We are one of the few sites that actually list the SOLD price as well as the asking price and a local market value on our Sold Vehicles list. Whether you are interested in buying or selling, this information is helpful.

Is it worth it?

We think its a small price to pay to have a secure place away from your home with professionals who administer your test drives, handle the buyer inquiries. Our experience may just help you remove a problem that could cause you to miss what might have been an excellent opportunity to sell your car. Check to see how quickly cars are selling at Buggy Bank.

When should I bring my car in to sell?

There is never a bad time to sell. Good or bad economy, season, or weather. People always need cars at a reasonable price.

What should I do before I bring in my car to be sold?

1. Bring current registration and insurance records. Please check the expiration dates.
2. Make sure the registration is in your name only. If there are two names on the registration joined by "or" either party can sell. Both people need to sign our contract if it has two names separated by an "and" or a slash.
3. You will not need an expensive detail, but you should wash and wax.
4. Remove all items and clean the interior of the car thoroughly.
5. Remove all items from the glove compartment and trunk, etc.
6. Make sure it runs smoothly, and is safe to drive.
7. Complete any critical repairs.
8. Make sure your battery is healthy.
9. Bring your car in with a full tank of gas.
10. Bring two sets of your car keys, if possible.
11. Be available for callers, or have answering system, and respond promptly.
12. Locate the title of your vehicle in preparation for the eventual sale.
13. If the car has a lien, ask the lienholder for a smooth transfer procedure for your buyer.
14. See our Seller's Tips for more information.

What happens when I bring my car in to Buggy Bank?

When you come to Buggy Bank and sign-in your car, we'll first do a "walk around" inspection and record the condition of the exterior, interior and engine. We will take a photo of your car for your free Buggy Bank internet web-hosting page. We will ask for and record your current registration, insurance and we assist by presenting you with local market statistics, and other factors that may have a bearing on your car's ability to sell in today's market. Depending on the year, make, model, price range, condition and your particular needs, we will do our best to present you with an advantageous way to market you car. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for this process.

What do I have to do while I am waiting for an offer on my car?

Normally nothing. Go about your business and life without the distractions. As your agent, we will professionally handle the inquiries, the on-the-lot inspections, and test drives. Stay in touch and make sure our calls are answered. Call in once a week yourself to get an activity analysis from one of our staff members.

What happens when someone wants to buy my car?

Once a buyer has done the research at Buggy Bank and wants to make an offer, we will tell him or her to give you a call. If a diagnostic or "Mechanic's Check" is requested, you will give your approval to us and we'll make secure arrangements. Ask if your car needs to be smogged. If it does, then have it smogged and bring us a copy of the certificate. Check for a clear title and if not clear get your lending institution to divulge and initiate their process for clearing the title for the sale. If all checks out well for the buyer, and he wants to proceed, then you would both come to Buggy Bank and we would assist you with the paperwork for DMV. You would bring your title and current registration, and you would have instructed the buyer to bring a cashier check for the amount of sale.

buyers frequently asked questions

Who are the sellers?

People like you who have busy schedules do not have the time to meet every potential buyer. Private individual sellers are saying no to costly trade-in deals and to paying thousands in dealer commissions. They prefer to display their cars in a respected and reputable business that provides a secure place away from their homes with professionals who administer test drives, and handle buyer inquiries. They enjoy having their car displayed on the free Buggy Bank web site. You will find that the sellers, in general, are very pleasant to deal with as one of their reasons they are using our services is that they are attracted to a hassle-free family oriented environment like Buggy Bank.

Are there any sales commissions or fees for buyers?

No test drive fees. No commissions. No salesmen. The only person in charge of selling is the individual owner of the car.

How are Buggy Bank cars priced in todayís market?

The best way to find this out is to check our sold cars list. This will also give you a clue as to how fast these private party owners are selling their cars. All cars should be priced to sell. This is not a parking lot for overpriced cars. Each space is valuable and we don't wish to take someone's money if they don't have a chance to sell. The seller must ask a truly reasonable price to be on this lot. As such, unreasonably low offers are not appropriate in this family-oriented vehicle marketplace.

How does Buggy Bank work to help me buy a car?

You can check out a key to a car, check itís interior, listen to the engine, or test drive it if the owner has given his OK. If you are interested in the car, please feel free to call the owner as we are not involved in the negotiations. Request that the seller call us and authorize you by name to take the car for an extended drive on the freeway or to a mechanic for a diagnostic. When you have agreed with the owner to buy, we will assist you and the seller with your DMV paperwork to conclude the sale.

Is there anything I should check or know about before I come to Buggy Bank?

Yes. Call to make sure the car you are interested in is going to be available. If you want to just check the car out, a current driverís license is sufficient. We will retain your license, give you the key, and enter you in our database. If you plan to drive, then we also need a credit card to hold as collateral. Test drives are limited to a 20-minute local drive. The idea is for you to just get a feel of the car. If you really want to "test" it, then please call the owner for permission. Test-drives stop one hour before closing time.