Buggy Bank Reviews

Jaime S 8/31/2019

I had test driven cars at Buggy Bank in the past, so when I needed to sell my Corolla after upgrading to a new Mazda I came to them. Jerry and his team are great. They were able to take my car for the lot right away. Jerry helped me figure out my price and after looking my car over recommended that I didn't really need detailing. (I cleaned it and washed it myself beforehand). Buggy Bank also connected me with Berkeley Star Smog, who came and got my car from Buggy Bank and smog tested it for me (I believe they did this same day as well!) My car was up on their website the next day, and it sold that day! I couldn't have had a better experience. I'm glad I sold my car here instead of trading it in with a dealer. I got way more back for my car, and Jerry and everyone at Buggy Bank made the process just as painless as a trade in.

ble p 6/15/2019

The best experience anyone can ask for. Why? *Took my BMW in on day1, Jerry was patience in explaining everything (totally aligned with everything they listed on the website). Car was already showing on day2. Someone called on day8 to offer and buy *paid to wash and clean- totally worth it *professional pics and descriptions- Jerry followed up by email to send pics if I wanted to post on external website (but I didn't have to) *didn't have to deal with showing the car, scheduling, dealing with crazies on my own *they handle all of the closing- DMV, making ire you had a cashiers check Best thing of all to top this, Jerry had me list it for $1000 more so after the cleaning, smog, and listing, I still came out on top. This place and Jerry is such an asset to the community!!!

Mark F 6/9/2019

I brought my Honda from the Buggy Bank and am glad I did. It had high mileage, but it only had one owner. That's what I really like about the Buggy Bank is how many of the cars are from their original owner and well-maintained, so as a consumer you know what you are getting. The cashier's check part is a bit of a drag, but it's a small inconvenience. Will definitely buy another car there.

Susan Q 5/27/2019

Selling our Subaru was much more complicated and difficult than I'd expected, so I'm glad we used the Buggy Bank to help us through the process. I only give four stars because the flat rate price was higher than I had hoped to pay, but ultimately, I think it was worth it. They did a great job detailing the car for a very reasonable price, and we put it on the market at the rate that seemed to be the going rate on Craigslist. Then the mechanical/computer problems started, and we had to pull it off the lot a few times to fix an EGR failure in order to pass the smog test. Jerry was very helpful and understanding the whole time, and coached us on lowering the price conservatively when it wasn't selling. They also did touch up cleaning after the shine wore off. We finally sold the vehicle at the tail end of the six week window, but never felt any pressure from the Buggy Bank to cut corners to get it off the lot. I felt that Jerry was fair and honest the whole time. (On the other hand, I would give Subaru a one star rating-- what an expensive nightmare to get that thing fixed!)

Matthew L 6/11/2018

I've been coming here to checkout the cars for a year and I finally found one I liked. The entire process was stress free, Jerry was very helpful and could not ask for more. This is much easier to buy a used car in a safe location with legitimate owners who want to sell their car. If you are in the market for a used car, this place should be on your list to visit.

Mike D 2/27/2019

Jerry at Buggy Bank made selling my car a pleasure. After a brief initial visit where he appraised the car, he told me I needed to get a recall fixed and a smog test done. After doing these, I brought the car in, paid $450 for the five-week viewing (you get one extra week of viewing if you pay upfront), and $175 to have the car detailed (paid an extra $25 to get the dog hair out). The car was listed the following day that I brought it in. Six days later, it was sold! A motivated buyer called me, made me an offer $200 less than I was asking (exactly as Jerry had predicted), and the deal was done. Although I spent $625 to sell it, I easily got about $200-300 more than I was hoping for. Plus I didn't have to mess with arranging test drives and it was reassuring to have Jerry help with filling out the paperwork to transfer the car. One last note, I met a woman there that said she'd been coming to Buggy Bank for years and loved it. Definitely a Berkeley institution.

Oscar M 1/7/2019

Buggy Bank was recommended to me by a good friend six years ago and I have since sold two cars there with their help. The service they offer is truly unique, the way they deliver it is awesome and Jerry is a very knowledgeable and friendly guy. I can only recommend them, if I ever need to sell my car the first thing I will do is visit them again!

Carolyn B 5/10/2018

I absolutely can't say enough good comments about Jerry and his awesome customer service. I needed to sell my car while living a long distance from the area and Jerry provided above and beyond some of the extra details and needs I needed to get the car sold. He is very courteous and very helpful in all respects!! If I ever had to sell another car in that area I wouldn't think twice about selling it through The Buggy Bank. Thank you so very much,

Dave K 3/15/2018

Jerry and his staff at BuggyBank are polite, helpful and knowledgeable! They helped me direct all the requests from Autotrader and CL, and saved me countless hours of time! I sold my vehicle for -600 what I Was asking for... That is incredible for both parties! The location is great, and I will definitely use their service again for my next vehicle! This is like a dream location to own a business! Thanks again Jerry and Buggybank crew!

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