Matthew L 6/11/2018

I've been coming here to checkout the cars for a year and I finally found one I liked. The entire process was stress free, Jerry was very helpful and could not ask for more. This is much easier to buy a used car in a safe location with legitimate owners who want to sell their car. If you are in the market for a used car, this place should be on your list to visit.

P H 5/27/2018

We've sold two cars in the past five years at Buggy Bank, and had a fantastic experience each time, selling at excellent prices in short time spans. BB's location ensures high buyer foot traffic, and their process for marketing vehicles makes the whole process easy and fast for the seller. Jerry is great at advising on pricing, assists in finalizing deal paperwork upon sale...and everything gets done without having to manage test drives and field buyer calls at home (until a truly qualified one is ready to make an offer). Overall, highly recommended as an honest business and in many ways a service to the community.

Dave K 3/15/2018

Jerry and his staff at BuggyBank are polite, helpful and knowledgeable! They helped me direct all the requests from Autotrader and CL, and saved me countless hours of time! I sold my vehicle for -600 what I Was asking for... That is incredible for both parties! The location is great, and I will definitely use their service again for my next vehicle! This is like a dream location to own a business!

Thanks again Jerry and Buggybank crew!

Carrie L. 3/4/2018

Jerry was very helpful and friendly. My 2014 car was smogged and sold within 3 days! I would gladly use Buggy Bank again.

Thanks Jerry!

Kyoung L 1/24/2018

1/24/2018 Jerry went above and beyond in helping us with a smooth transaction. We were able to sell our luxury car, that still had a loan on it. Jerry helped us submit all the paperwork to the lienholder and the DMV, and it was all handled on site. All we had to do was park the car there, make sure it was priced to move, and then negotiate the final sale price with the buyer. It was much easier and safer than doing it by ourselves. The buyer also seemed very satisfied with the whole experience. We did have to lower the price 3 times before the car sold, and we got 5-10% less than Blue Book. But our car sold within about 4 weeks and we got a great overall value from Buggy Bank. Our advice is make sure that when you list with them, you stay on top of the status and drop the price if it's not getting frequent test drives, especially if it's a high-priced car.


Ed B 12/16/2017

What a terrific experience. Selling my 2014 Prius, I didn't want to deal with craigslist and having strangers come to my house (or worse, get in a car with a stranger for a test drive). Found Buggy Bank here on Yelp, and very glad I did. My local Toyota dealer had offered me $11,000 for the car. At Buggy Bank, the manager Jerry (a friendly and very helpful guy), recommended I list it for $14,950, a little under bluebook, and it sold it 10 days later for $14,500. For a flat rate, Buggy Bank displays your car, promotes it on their website, organizes test drives, then refers serious buyers to you directly to negotiate the price on the phone. Once you've agreed on an offer, you come back to the lot and Jerry helps with all the paperwork. They get no commission so they have no incentive to play games with the buyer or the seller. Plus, everything is 100 percent transparent. You can even look at all the history of cars they've sold, what price they were listed at, what they finally sold for, and the number of days they were on the lot. Bottom line: All I had to do was bring the car in, then go home and take a couple of phone calls to negotiate prices directly with buyers, then show up to sign the papers and pick up my check. Could not have been a better experience, and I'm $3500 richer as a result. I'm telling everyone I know about this place.

It's also right next to Berkeley Bowl, so you can also do some grocery shopping. Can't beat that.

Tara Lyn L 10/8/2017

Wouldn't sell a car without these guys! Just sold my 2nd car through them. They do everything except take calls from buyers: car detailing, smogging, arranging test drives and mechanic inspections. All you have to do is talk to interested buyers and negotiate a price. They even do the sale paperwork! I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without them. Jerry is great and knows his stuff. Will sell all my future cars with them. Period.

candide o. 8/27/2017

Jerry is awesome! His advice was priceless. He walked me through the process of selling my Convertible BMW. I'm extremely pleased with the whole process, and his service was well worth the price. I ended up selling my car for $2-3K more than the dealership trade in price, and it was easy peasy. I even enjoyed meeting the new buyers. Highly recommended!

Tyler F 4/15/2017

First time customer and boy am I glad I sold with Buggy Bank. Jerry was a tremendous resource and put me at ease as a first-time Buggy Bank seller. If I could give this company/service 6 stars, I would! Worth. Every. Penny.

Eva G 5/6/2016

Jerry is really helpful and friendly, and every time I called, he picked up the phone immediately. This service makes buying or selling one's car super convenient. Even though I am a lawyer, there are just a lot of papers that I don't normally see, but someone who buys and sells cars regularly knows these really well. Jerry had all of the necessary papers lined up and ready to be executed, which made the whole process seamless.