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We have a closed gate now, but we are open for essential transactions by appointment. No walk-in browsing, but hold on. You can go on-line, choose a car that might meet your needs. Look at the internet photos/videos. Not enough? We'll email you special close-up photos you may need. Then . . .

Call Jerry at 415-374-4848 to schedule an appointment to test drive and have a mobile inspection service go over the car's condition with you then or have a face-time walk-around before you come.

He will open the gate for you and your car's owner to conduct critical transactions, social-distancing, one person at a time in our air purified office and to personally look inside vehicles that now undergo a sterilization procedure initially and an application of Hospital-Grade disinfectant before and after any entry.

If you are ill, or suspect you have been exposed, check with Jerry for special instructions or other ways to accomplish your critical transactions.

The following information (superceded by the covid-19 procedure, above) is designed to promote smooth transactions, avoiding unnecessary wasted costs, confusion, and inconveniences for public buyers and sellers alike, and hopefully a "win-win" for all parties, where the buyer ends up with a good value and the seller sells for a fair price.

steps to take when buying a car:

step 1: do your research:

First do you research at home on this website to see the if the makes and models of the cars you might like are here on our lot. If not, or if you just want the best or hotest car on the lot, check out our 5 most recent cars showcased on our homepage each day after 6 pm. When you and come here, it is important to figure out what you need in a vehicle before even stepping foot in a car. Once you know the type of vehicle you are looking for find out what a fair price is for the vehicle when its in good condition. You want to do your research well, but if you are especially attracted to a vehicle, once you have test driven and want to buy, we will get you in touch with the owner. You'll then need to get an exclusive one-day sales aggreement while you have a mechanic check it at a local garage of your choice. Buggy Bank will scedule and confirm the appointment. You would then sign the owners car out, drive it to the approved Mechanic's Garage and return it to Buggy Bank no later than 5pm that day. The final sales agreement must be made prior to the next business day because it will be no longer on hold so that other buyers will have an opportunity to test drive and make their offers after you take it to a mechanic because they do sell quickly here ... just check our sold vehicle records and you'll see why we say this. Our message to you is this: Don't rush you decision, but delay getting this process started. Then be thorough in a relaxed and confident manner. We will be here to assist you with that and help you in any way we can to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

step 2: test drives:

When you find a car that you are interested, note down the key number of the vehicle and before 5:30 pm you can ask us for a key checkout of the car to inspect the vehicle inside and out. However, if you think you might also might want to take it on a test drive, come at least by 4:30 pm because test drives are not allowed after 5:00 pm. If you are here before 5:00 pm and bring a valid driver's license and credit card, you are allowed a 20 minute test drive around the local area.

step 3: vehicle history and smog inspection:

Ask the front desk for more information on checking a vehicles history to make sure that the vehicle does not have any title problems or has not been in any major accidents. The owner of the vehicle must ultimately provide the buyer with a recent smog inspection certificate. If this has not been done you might ask the seller to do it prior to taking it to a mechanic.

step 4: diagnostic or mechanic's check:

Before investing in a diagnostic check, call the seller to discuss price flexability if there are major problems. Make sure there are no other offers under consideration. If you can, have the seller call us and have them place it in a "sale-pending" status while you have it checked out. You want to avoid someone else buying it while you are spending hard-earned dollars at a garage.

step 5: purchase:

Call the seller of the vehicle and make your offer. Avoid being discourteous or making a "lowball" offer. If you can't afford a fair price, just say that... and the seller may be willing to accommodate your need, or consider your offer at a later time. When your offer has been accepted, go to the bank and get a cashier's check and make an appointment to meet at the Buggy Bank where we'll assist you both with the DMV paperwork. As a Buggy Bank customer know that you and your friends can call in and we will arrange the best customer-recomended, high-quality, on-site or at-home detailing at a low price. No need to waste your time and money elsewhere.

frequently asked questions

Who are the sellers?

People like you who have busy schedules do not have the time to meet every potential buyer. Private individual sellers are saying no to costly trade-in deals and to paying thousands in dealer commissions. They prefer to display their cars in a respected and reputable business that provides a secure place away from their homes with professionals who administer test drives, and handle buyer inquiries. They enjoy having their car displayed on the free Buggy Bank web site. You will find that the sellers, in general, are very pleasant to deal with as one of their reasons they are using our services is that they are attracted to a hassle-free family oriented environment like Buggy Bank.

Are there any fees for buyers?

No. No test drive fees. No commissions. No salesmen. The only person in charge of selling is the individual owner of the car.

Do buyers have to pay sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax in alameda county is 9% of the selling price. Transfer and processing fees also apply so when you have agreed on a price with a seller just call one of our customer service representatives and we will access the DMV Online Services system and let you know exactly what the total is going to be.

How are Buggy Bank cars priced?

The best way to find this out is to check our sold cars list. This will also give you a clue as to how fast these private party owners are selling their cars. We also try our best to help the seller ask a truly reasonable price.

How does Buggy Bank help me buy a car?

You can check out a key to a car, check it's interior, listen to the engine, or test drive it if the owner has given his OK. If you are interested in the car, please feel free to call the owner as we are not involved in the negotiations. Request that the seller call us and authorize you by name to take the car for an extended drive on the freeway or to a mechanic for a diagnostic. When you have agreed with the owner to buy, we will assist you and the seller with your DMV paperwork to conclude the sale.

What should I bring to Buggy Bank?

Yes. Call to make sure the car you are interested in is going to be available. If you want to just check the car out be here before 5:30 pm and bring a current driver's license. We will retain your license, give you the key, and enter you in our database. If you plan to drive, then we also need a credit card to hold as collateral. Test drives stop at 5:00 pm and are limited to a 20-minute local drive. The idea is for you to just get a feel of the car. If you really want to test it longer or some other way let us know, and we will discuss your reasons and test drive request with the owner to see if another type of restricted permission can be granted.

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