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Our advertising methods and no-pressure approach for a public display of private party cars gets the job done fast and easy at fair market values. Most vehicle websites tend to bury your vehicle's ad in a vast and overpopulated list of dealer ads. Our ad networking methods have proven to be effective and produce fast results . . never allowing an ad to stagnate. Our 34 years of experience assisting sellers with pricing will often shock those who generally use on-line evaluation sites which lack the personal involvement and local market knowledge required to accurately determine the real value of a car. Check our sold list and see for yourself how cars for sale displayed at Buggy Bank tend to sell at or above the fair market value. Its a jungle out there when you try to sell or buy on your own. You know you can lose a thousand or two in commissions at dealers, but may not suspect you can meet an opportunistic craigslist auto trader wanting to re-sell your car for their profit. Customers have told us they have wasted months and lost thousands chasing their tails in this jungle. Long time customers will only shop and sell at Buggy Bank for that reason alone. Find out more here.

NOTE: We will be closed
11/28 through 12/1.

If you need access to a vehicle please call to make arrangements ahead of time.
an Auto Display Service for Private Party cars? . . . . YES, its here . . . , , , enjoy the refreshing difference! . . . NOT a dealership . . . . . . . . . . NOT a consignment lot . . . . . . . . . . . NEVER a commission . . . . . . just a nominal flat fee to display your car . . . . . well worth it when you can . . . . avoid losses on trade-ins . . . . . . . . . . and avoid losses trying to sell on your own . . . . . . . . . . . get professional pricing . . . . safe test drive monitoring . . . . . . . and other valuable assistance . . . . . . . . . . . save thousands and sell fast . . . . . directly to private individuals like yourself . . . at a great location . . . buyers love it . . . no sales people . . . no hassle . . . . . . . . . . . . what's your situation? . . . . . . call us and let us know how we can help . . . (5 1 0) - 8 4 8 - 3 0 1 5

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Buggy Bank brings buyers and sellers together. Private party cars sell faster here because there are no sales people, no commissions and override costs to get in the way of your deal. That's just one thing about us that both buyers and sellers get the best deals on wheels at Buggy Bank. We have been serving the Bay Area community and beyond since 1976. Our hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily except Tuesdays (NOTE: No test drives after 5:00 pm or key checkouts after 5:30 pm.) . We are not a dealership or auto consignment lot, but a place where individuals display for sale by owner cars in a safe professional environment for a nominal flat fee. Our reputation has built us a vast audience in the Bay Area and beyond. Check the public sales records to see how well others in the community have sold here. Review the prices and the number of days cars took to sell to get a sense of how you might do selling your own car here. You'll easily see why it's no wonder that Buggy Bank has been voted the best place in the BayArea to buy a car by the readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the East Bay Express and the Contra Costa Times. Find out more here.

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Browse our lot and see a list of vehicles displayed by the community. Our unique, community service for the public offers a no hassle alternative way to buy and sell used cars which means there are no sales people on our lot to pressure you in any way. We do not earn commission on any vehicle because we don't represent, buy or sell any vehicles. All sales are negotiated and finalized directly between each private buyer and seller. We can assist with many services. For instance, we will always arrange for you and your friends the best customer-recomended, high-quality, on-site or at-home detailing at a low price. No need to waste your time and money elsewhere. Drop by or call (510) 848-3015 for an appointment or referral. What's your situation? Let us know how we can help.


Jaime S 8/31/2019

I had test driven cars at Buggy Bank in the past, so when I needed to sell my Corolla after upgrading to a new Mazda I came to them. Jerry and his team are great. They were able to take my car for the lot right away. Jerry helped me figure out my price and after looking my car over recommended that I didn't really need detailing. (I cleaned it and washed it myself beforehand). Buggy Bank also connected me with Berkeley Star Smog, who came and got my car from Buggy Bank and smog tested it for me (I believe they did this same day as well!) My car was up on their website the next day, and it sold that day! I couldn't have had a better experience. I'm glad I sold my car here instead of trading it in with a dealer. I got way more back for my car, and Jerry and everyone at Buggy Bank made the process just as painless as a trade in.

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