posting your car on craigslist

go to "", "nnnnn" being your contract number.
here is an example of what it should look like:

Open up in a new window by clicking here.

On this page, click on the link in the top left hand corner that says "Post to Classifieds".

The next follow screens will ask you information pertaining to the section in which it will be listed.
Click on the answers that best suit your post, so for this post click the following:

What time of posting is this? for sale / wanted
Please choose category: cars & trucks
Choose the area nearest you: east bay area
Which of these locations fits best: berkeley

note: be sure to click on "east bay area" and "berkeley" because you want to direct the people to the place where your car is located, in this case, Berkeley.

On the following screen, you will be able to input information about your car.

In the "Posting Title" text box, copy & paste the title from your vehicle page on which we brought up in step 1.

In the "Posting Description" text box , copy & paste the included and extra description from your vehicle page. At the end of this section be sure to include the following to redirect viewers to your vehicle webpage on the buggybank website: "To see a photo, price reductions or more information, go to"
The "nnnnn" again should be your contract number.

Type in your email address that you want to be contacted at.

Leave the "For Sale By" section checked as individual owner.

There is no need to "Add / Edit Images" since you already linked the viewers to your vehicle page.

After you are done with this, you can click "Continue".
The next following screens will ask you to verify the post by copying the letters in the image into the text box and to accept the license agreement.

Finally they will send you a confirmation email. Open up the message and click on the link in it. The link will allow you to publish and edit the post. Make sure you publish the post.

Keep the confirmation email in case you need to edit the post and also because weekly you will have to renew your post. Craigslist deletes posts weekly so you will have to renew your post in a weeks time.

* For questions, call 510-848-3404 or if you have a craigslist problem posting or publishing email craigslist or call 415-566-6394.
Again, call in weekly to check how your sale is progressing or anytime you have a concern.

good luck


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